After signing up to Soul2Soul’s personal training I have become fitter and stronger and Charlotte has given me the confidence to manage my health more independently. There are so many benefits to my sessions, not just getting fit

Sole2Soul have helped hundreds of clients succeed in achieving various health and fitness goals. With over sixteen years of combined experience in mental health care and personal training, Sole2Soul offers high quality professional skills to support you in developing improved mental health and physical fitness, which is incorporated into a personal training session.

We provide an initial consultation and assessment to identify your specific needs and then work with you to develop bespoke programs that are fun and effective for your physical and mental health. We will help you to identify stronger and more positive ways of managing your health and incorporate mindfulness and behavioural activation in the personal training sessions to help you stay focused and motivated. 

Sole2Soul offers a free health and well-being workbook which includes physical and mental health fitness tests and nutritional advice; we are dedicated in helping you maintain your goals, not just during the journey of achieving them. 


Personal Training & Mental Health Fitness

• 1 hour session •

Prices vary depending on location.

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