It has been a real pleasure to work with Sole2Soul over the past year, and their recognition as Sportivate Club of the Year for London and Coach of the Year is truly deserved. Sport has the power to make a real difference to people’s lives, and Sole2Soul is a great example of the role sport has to play in addressing the real issues faced by young Londoners.
— Chris Anderson, Programmes Manager, London Sport
Talking about mental health and exercise on the BBC Breakfast Show 

Talking about mental health and exercise on the BBC Breakfast Show 

Coach of the Year winner, London Sport 2016

Coach of the Year winner, London Sport 2016

Being invited to talk live to the nation about mental health and exercise was truly exhilarating. Exercise is so important for our physical, mental and social wellbeing, and it has the potential to really transform people's lives. It’s fantastic to see the growing research and evidence in this area and I am honoured to be part of the growing movement to enhance standards of care. 


In 2016, Sole2Soul's work with London Sport was recognised as a “significant and exceptional project” by the director of nursing at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. Evaluations that participants completed showed the significant positive impact the project had on people's wellbeing;  96% of participants (the majority of whom were inactive before engaging with Sole2Soul) wanted to continue exercising and 65% felt their confidence and mood had significantly improved after their participation in the classes.

Sole2Soul's project won London's Sportivate Project of the Year 2016, and later in the year Charlotte was also announced the winner of the  Coach of the Year at the London Sport Awards, which received over 340 other nominees. The award was presented at London's O2 Arena amongst a few celebrity faces. The director of nursing stated that Charlotte "set a new precedent to personal training with people who have serious mental health illness"You can view the footage of all three finalists here.


Out of the many people who have worked with Sole2Soul here are just a few things they have to say:


“I was an inpatient following a breakdown and was treated by the crisis team. As part of my recovery I go to the Early Intervention Service in Camden where I attend the exercise sessions once a week. They help me to deal with stress and anxiety, and overall improve my mental health. I get to meet new people, socialise and most of all laugh. I feel fitter and more motivated about everyday life.” NHS service user, London.


“I’ve noticed that I’ve become less anxious and depressed when attending the Sole2Soul classes regularly. My friends, family and colleagues at work have also noticed a difference” NHS service user, London.


After signing up to Soul2Soul's personal training I have become fitter and stronger and Charlotte has given me the confidence to manage my health more independently. There are so many benefits to my sessions, not just getting fit.” Steve, 45 yrs, London


“The bootcamps help me to deal with stress and anxiety, and overall improve my health. I get to meet new people, socialise and most of all, laugh. I feel fitter and more motivated about everyday life. Charlotte pushes me to my limits but makes it super fun at the same time” - Emma, 42 yrs, London


“While taking my medication I put on weight. I used to eat a lot and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t have the confidence to join a gym and heard about Soul2Soul, so thought I would sign up. The classes have given me the motivation and knowledge of how to best look after myself; I have recently decided to join a local gym to keep on top of my fitness. I have benefited from Sole2Soul in so many ways.” NHS Service user,London


“Since I started having personal training sessions I have lost 5kgs and I feel so much stronger and fitter. If I am away for a week the difference in my fitness is noticeable! Charlotte delivers a program suited to my needs and makes sure I am working at the level to get results.” - Richard, 55yrs, London


”I’ve really enjoyed going to Sole2Soul bootcamp. It is a great mixture of exercises and games which are incorporated into each session, it makes it more fun than other bootcamps I’ve been to. The addition of mindfulness at the end leaves me feeling really positive and relaxed” - Beth, 28yrs, London


“Having diabetes can be a struggle, especially when it comes to exercise, but since working with Sole2Soul I have found that my blood sugars have improved, having a positive impact on my health and fitness. Sole2Soul is unique as each session is different, focusing not only on your body but also your mind and what you achieve when you are positive. It’s a great way to de-stress from your busy lifestyle, and it’s as much fun as it is hard work!” - Caroline, 30yrs London



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